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Contacting The Sheffield College

You can contact the College in the following ways.


Use our Web form to:


For course enquiries and general enquiries contact the College (0) +44 114 260 2600.


For course enquiries fax the College's course information hotline on (0) +44 114 260 3655.

To fax individuals or College sites directly, telephone the switchboard to get the most appropriate fax number.


The Sheffield College
PO Box 345, Sheffield S2 2YY 

Sheffield City College:
Granville Road, Sheffield S2 2RL 

Hillsborough College:
Livesey Street, Sheffield S6 2ET

Norton College:
Dyche Lane, Sheffield S8 8BR 

Peaks Centre:
Waterthorpe Greenway, Sheffield S20 8LY

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